Taking responsibility is highly regarded in our society and is correspondingly high on the agenda. But what if this actually good thing turns into the opposite? An interview with my colleague and good friend, the psychiatrist and author Dagmar Ruhwandl.

Dagmar Ruhwandl is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She specializes in…

Agreed: If companies want to survive or even succeed in turbulent times of digital upheaval, they have to adapt quickly. So today, it is necessary to do what has been talked about for a very long time: Create learning structures. But what does that mean? …

We may. Why? Because we are allowed to.

Photo by Edgar Rodehack

Believing in the effectiveness of good resolutions

is difficult for me because of the many psycho-biological dynamics. Too often people deceive themselves, mostly automatically, without even realizing it.

FOR THIS, resolutions are a great technique. So let’s better leave that.

But what to do instead?

After all, we are the “doers”, the women and…

Have you been ordered to work in an Agile way? Maybe you even want to do it yourself? Now you’ve got a few questions? You are not alone. I, for example, have recently been asked:

What’s The Benefit From Working Agile?

Photo by the author

Agile is designed to give everyone involved in a product or service the best result in the most sustainable way possible. And to do so with as much certainty as possible. We are talking here, for example, about customers, stakeholders, management and also team members.

Overall Objective is to keep…

More than ever, companies are urged to deliver good products and services quickly, affordably, and reliably. And this again and again. How to do that? A good way would be to treat ongoing development as an important permanent task. One that needs to be organized.

Drawing by the author

Even if it sometimes might seem differently

we usually work reasonably well…

You are supposed to or want to work Agile? You have a few questions beforehand, though? You are not alone. I, for instance, have recently been asked:

Drawing by the Author

Does Agile fit everything, or are there still areas of use for traditional project management?

People and with them organizations always develop new approaches when they realize that their current means of solving problems are no longer sufficient.

Edgar Rodehack

Teamwork enthusiast. Also loves making music, writing and reading. www.rodehack.de www.trellisterium.de/en

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