Change or Die?

Drawing by the author

Even if it sometimes might seem differently

However, for some time now, it is obvious, that things are no longer running quite so smoothly.

One might doubt it

However, a smooth day-to-day business is just half the way to success.

Drawing by the author

To shape the future

Without further development, it is not only impossible, that customers and staff (!) will become dissatisfied over time. It rather is very likely that both will turn their backs to the company in the medium to long term. And they will not return for a while.

This has always been true, of course.

In just about all industries, an awful lot has changed very radically. And it is likely that this will continue to happen.

Unfortunately, this is precisely what our organizations, which are focused on stability and stable, controllable markets, are not prepared to deal with.

Drawing by the author

But what exactly has a changed?

They are now being replaced by

This is a rather unfamiliar business than the one we have known so far. The very business with which we have been successful — and according to which we still organize ourselves today.

Drawing by the author

But if we want to be successful today and in the future

Because of this circumstances

From today’s perspective

In short, we simply have no choice but to change this way.

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