“If You’re Too Weak, You Can Leave!” About Leaderhsip and Performance

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Cautious estimates say

It is alarming that the trend to this has been increasing for years.

Stress is a truly complex matter

So it is mainly organizational structures that determine whether stress crises occur. The performance and stress competence of individuals play a less important role

No question

Instead of talking openly about good ways

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Although all act with the best of intentions (presumably)

So what to do instead?

Important: It’s not what they say that’s interesting, but what they do — and what they don’t.

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The task of company, department and team management generally

That’s why it’s important to note that where individuals or entire teams come under pressure or stress, or even fail because of it, managers in particular are not doing their job well enough.

In recent decades

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Insights of this kind

With the best of intentions, they fuel those stress crises in which the many millions of people find themselves today. On a large scale, they prevent performance and success.

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Because, of course, people and teams are most successful

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There is a lot to be said for the fact

To do this, you need a management that aims for real, i.e. lasting, organizational success and also has the courage to take the appropriate steps. Any self-respecting manager will recognize that this is the basis for their good work.

So will we get a grip on the general performance crisis and everything will be fine?

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